About Me

Get To Know Me

Hi, and welcome to my site. For those who don’t know me, let me give you a brief run-down of who I am.

My name is Michael Maynard and I’m a business coach and personal mentor based in Northamptonshire, as well as an author and business owner. You may also have seen me hosting the popular TV programme “The Business Conversation” or caught me as an orator during one of the international shows I have worked with. And I accomplished all of this through the same management, planning and personal growth that I will show you.

Over the past 15 years, I have successfully aided many different companies and individuals, all of whom had their own personal and professional goals in mind. Having helped businesses to increase their growth, with examples ranging from £20,000 to £700,000,000, I know the methods that work and how to get the best from my clients. My passion lies with helping people achieve their personal and business goals – but I truly love working with small and medium businesses, where my work can make a real difference.

Feel free to contact me at any time, as I pride myself on being personable and approachable. If you need help, I have the skills, experience, insight and process to aid you on your journey – so get in touch!

I can also work with your staff to improve their personal development and improve workplace morale. This will also increase their confidence and ability to objectively make empowering decisions about their jobs, as well as improving communication between you and your employees.

About My Methods

My job is to help you get the most out of your business. Together, we will work to give you the best opportunities and a clear, detailed plan to help you move forward.

As your business mentor, I will:
- Change your outlook
- Build your confidence
- Improve your communication skills
- Start and grow your new business
- Focus your business
- Develop your leadership skills
- Overcome barriers to growth
- Help you increase your profit

The 7 Questions for a Successful Start-Up

Start your dream business today
Understanding your business is vital and reduces your chance of business failure. Use this workbook to explore your business idea and gather all the relevant information required to write a business plan. The book covers:
- Business concept
- Personnel
- Finance
- Marketing
- Market research
- Competitor analysis
- Business modelling