7 Key Questions for a Successful Business – Route to Market

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About the course

3 out of 5 business fail in the first 3-4 years, one of the key reasons is failing to understand their business, and the other is poor planning.

Starting your business shouldn’t be rushed, especially if you want to get it right.

This course takes you through 7 questions/steps to starting your business. With a great mix of theory and practical, the course is designed to help you understand your business inside and out before launching.

Once completed you will have all the information required to start your business and or complete your business plan.

The 7 overview steps

1. Developing a business idea that works

2. Understanding your market and its trends

3. Developing a process for your product or service

4. Who is your target audience

5. Developing the right business model

6. Understanding your business finance

7. Route to market actions

Aims of the Course

  • To reduce chances of business failure
  • To help you understand your business model completely
  • To provide the knowledge needed to run a successful business
  • To provide a clear structure for your business
  • To determine if you have a profitable business or not

Skills required

This course aims to help you identify new skills and sharpen existent skills perhaps unused. The below list are the key skills required for completion of the course.
Analytical skills to interpret information 85%
Research and Evidence Collation 50%
Basic financial skills 65%
Writing and Reading 70%
Creativity and Imaginative 60%

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