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About the course

Becoming you is our ultimate self-developing and self-improving course. We often admire those amongst us who have found complete happiness with themselves and often care little for the opinion others may have of them.

This course is about consciously developing a better version of yourself, one that perhaps gets greater results and perhaps has a greater grip on life. Self-development is one of the truest gifts we can give ourselves, the continued evolution of our knowledge, skills and experiences.

Often, it’s our past experience that has played a major part in our behaviours, and ultimately our achievements.

What to Expect

The course is split into 3 main modules, each with sub-modules, with a 4th Tools module:

1) Where am I now
- Current Position
- Barriers

2) Where do I want to go
- Dreams, Vision
- Aspirations

3) How will I get there
- Being comfortable in your own skin
- Accepting yourself
- Changing your belief about yourself

4) Tools for the journey
- Behaviours
- Road Map

Aims of the Course

This course is a powerful self-evaluator with the sole function of bringing about change.  Not only does it suggest areas for change it forces us to confront the key reasons why we have failed to change and gives us the tools to do something about it.

3 of our barriers to change are:

  • Fear
  • Procrastination
  • Stagnancy

Each of those enemies play a part in stunting your growth, how you relate to others and your everyday actions.

As you go through each module, answer the questions and do the exercises it may be uncomfortable at first but progression often is, especially when we realise our biggest barrier to change is ourselves.

The course invites you to change, to move you from one place to another, the greatest thing is you set the destination, and where you end up is entirely up to you.  Join 100’s of others on the journey to becoming a better you, a you without limitations, restrictions or fear to act.

Skills required

Confronting yourself is a skill within itself as often when we look within we don’t always like what we see.

To conquer the negative parts of yourself and start your journey of growth you will need:

Honesty 85%
Self-reflection 50%
Self-evaluation 45%
Patience 70%
Analytical 65%

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