Developing Your Business Idea – To Avoid Failure

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About the course

The idea is the beginning of every business and crucial for the success of any business. Often in business a good idea to some may be a bad idea for others, which is why an idea alone cannot be the measurement of a good business prospect. It must be underpinned with execution.

This course helps you generate a new business or and/or test your current idea. It provides you with the enablers of every good executed idea, the vision and mission of the company.

As you work through the course you will develop the understanding of what makes a good business concept.

Aims of the Course

The course aims to aid the participant in developing a creative passion based business idea.  It helps the learner create a vision statement, mission statement and business values, the 3 essential building blocks in forming a company. Developing the 3 formative blocks are an iterative process, the course therefore allows for the natural development of each block to occur.

Skills required

This course aims to help you identify new skills and sharpen existent skills perhaps unused. The below list are the key skills required for completion of the course
Imaginative and Creativity 85%
Agile Working and Process Mapping 50%
Evaluative and Strategic Skills 45%
Communication Skills 70%

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