GO 2020 – The Ultimate Goal Setting Course

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About the course

Go2020 is one of our most exciting courses we offer because it’s all about action.

As the name suggests, Go is about moving from one place to another. This course is the ultimate goal planning tool, but it doesn’t just look forward, it also looks backwards.

It helps us understand why we don’t always achieve the things we want, and the behaviours we need to adopt to change that.

Once we know where we want to move from it helps the participant create a vision for moving forward.

The great thing about GO is you can get going anytime, any day, so don’t delay get going today.

Aims of the Course

To help the participant:

  • Create realistic and achievable goals
  • Understand current blockers to progression
  • Overcome barriers to growth
  • Develop an exciting vision and strategy for moving forward

Skills required

This course aims to help you identify new skills and sharpen existent skills perhaps unused. The below list are the key skills required for completion of the course.
Self-Reflecting 85%
Blue Sky Creative Thinking 50%
Lots of Imagination 45%
Process Mapping 70%
Can Be Done in Pairs or As a Group 70%

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