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15 years ago public speaking was something only the elite did, those considered an expert or the CEO of a company. Now the ability to communicate well is desired in almost every vocation in every industry.

This unique course introduces techniques used by some of the world’s leading speakers. Done in the comfort of your own home you can sharpen your delivery before you go public. Whether you’re looking to change jobs, pitch a business idea or start vlogging this course prepares you for all of those forums.

Aims of the Course

  • To teach you how to deliver a good presentation
  • To help you develop good and engaging content
  • To teach you how to pull a personal story from within
  • To teach you how to speak on camera
  • To teach you how to speak on a stage

Skills required

This course aims to help you identify new skills and sharpen existent skills perhaps unused. The below list are the key skills required for completion of the course
Basic Communication Skills 85%
Interpersonal Skills 50%
Self-Reflective 45%
Verbal and Non-Verbal Skills 70%
Creative and Imaginative Skills 70%

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